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The Vault of Horror Nabs An Interview with Jewel Shepard

Hey there Vault Dwellers! It's BJ-C of Day of the Woman here with some great news B-Sol just informed me of. Normally he'd be delighted to post it himself, but he's doing the whole responsible parent thing and taking care of Skeleton Jack at the arcade. So I am here to deliver the good news! I'm like the Angel Gabriel....but not.

One of B-Sol's readers got him in touch with Jewel Shepard (aka blue haired Mohawk punk from Return of the Living Dead)on Facebook. From what he's told me, she was super cool and agreed to do an interview with him on Monday.


I did some Facebook creeping myself and let me tell you, mama aged VERY nicely. She is a straight up FOX. B-Sol whole heartedly agrees :) Which is ironic concidering his infatuation with Linnea Quigley...I'm sure she'll forgive him.


Written and Directed by Judd Apatow
Starring Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Jason Schwartzman, Leslie Mann and Eric Bana

Ira: Do you like music?
Daisy: Did you just ask me if I like music? That’s like asking if I like food.

You’ve got your funny, you’ve got your people. And FUNNY PEOPLE, the third film by Judd Apatow, the reigning God of all things supposedly funny at the movies, only has room for one of these things. Which one, you ask. Let’s just that's an awfully big cast he's got there. Apatow has set himself apart in the last few years by making stylish comedies that speak directly to an audience that isn’t often engaged when it comes to comedy. It isn’t slapstick; it isn’t stupid. It is smart comedy with real people who have relatable problems but who don’t mind getting dirty with their humour. A comedian who has joked his way through life and is now facing his own mortality is certainly a real problem, just like a forty-year-old who has yet to lose his virginity or a one night stand that resulted in a pregnancy (Apatow’s two previous features, THE FORTY-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN and KNOCKED UP, respectively) are real problems, but FUNNY PEOPLE forgets to be exactly what got Apatow and all his regulars there in the first place – funny.

Apatow has certainly stepped up his game. In many ways, he didn’t have much of a choice. His name has been built up so high at this stage for all of his producing gigs that when one of his own movies drops, it has to lead by example. Casting Adam Sandler as the aforementioned dying comedian was the perfect start to a project brimming with potential. George is not so much unlike Sandler, at least when it comes to his career. Both started out in standup and both went on to make movie after crappy movie to appease the masses. More importantly, both are now in need of redemption for their regrets. (I can’t imagine Sandler is too proud of YOU DON’T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN; I could be wrong, but that’s doubtful.) The art imitating life doesn’t stop there either with Seth Rogen playing Ira, George’s assistant, as Rogen looks destined to follow in Sandler’s footsteps in Hollywood. While it is clear that both are pushing their dramatic acting abilities in this picture, well, it is also clear that they’re trying so it isn’t exactly a resounding success.

People are funny and Apatow knows this. FUNNY PEOPLE definitely refers to the vast cast of people who are all undeniably funny (Jason Schwartzman and Jonah Hill play their own brand of comedians as Ira’s roommates in a subplot that is essentially useless) but it could just as easily refer to the funny things we do as people. Whether that is Ira cussing out a girl he has yet to even have a date with for sleeping with one of his friends or George naively thinking that he can get back with the girl who got away (and who got married and got herself two kids, all played by Apatow’s real-life family, wife, Leslie Mann, and his two daughters, Maude and Iris Apatow) just because time was running out and sympathy was on his side. Hollywood works that way but life just doesn’t and fortunately, Apatow has earned himself enough clout in Hollywood to play against convention, as long as he isn’t making, “Sad People.” He might as well have made the sad one here though; at least then people would know what they were in for.

There is a scene early on in the film where George makes an impromptu appearance at a comedy club the same day he finds out he is dying. He doesn’t want to tell the audience about it; he just doesn’t know what to do with himself. Understandably, his jokes fall flatter than a flat line, and he pauses while on stage to listen to the sound of the cars on the nearby freeway, audible to everyone inside as no one is laughing. It is a touching moment but it also sums up what it is like to watch FUNNY PEOPLE. There is hilarity surrounding you but the delivery only inspires discomfort and a couple of chuckles. Your heart goes out but you wish your gut was hurting just a little too.

Kitten Mittens

Incredible Lightning Strike

Video of a near-miss lightning strike in Norman, OK in July 2007, as the cloud-to-ground stroke nearly struck storm chaser Curtis M. This is one of the most incredible lightning videos I have ever seen!

Living Photographs by Mole and Thomas

Taken at the beginning of the 20th century, by English photographer Arthur S. Mole and his American colleague John D. Thomas, these living photographs show thousands of American soldiers posing as symbols of American history.

They traveled from one military camp to another taking photos of soldiers forming patriotic symbols as a part of planned promotional campaign to sell war bonds. Thousands soldiers would form gigantic patriotic symbols such as Statue of Liberty, president Woodrow Wilson, American Eagle or Liberty Bell which were photographed from above.

Mole and Thomas spent days preparing formations which were photographed from a 70 to 80 foot tower with an 11 by 14 inch camera. Photos by Mole and Thomas are now part of the Chicago Historical Society, the Museum of Modern Art and the Library of Congress.

In the picture of the Statue of Liberty there are 18,000 men: 12,000 of them in the torch alone, but just 17 at the base. The men at the top of the picture are actually half a mile away from the men at the bottom.

The Living Uncle Sam: 19,000 officers and men at Camp Lee, Virginia, January 13, 1919.

The Human US Shield: 30,000 officers and men at Camp Custer, Battle Creek, Michigan, 1918.

The living emblem of the United States Marines, formed by 100 officers and 9,000 enlisted men at the Marine Barracks, Paris Island, South Carolina.

A portrait of President Woodrow Wilson, formed of 21,000 officers and men at Camp Sherman, Chillicothe, Ohio, 1918.

The Human Liberty Bell, formed by 25,000 officers and men at Camp Dix, New Jersey, 1918.

The Human American Eagle: 12,500 officers, nurses and men at Camp Gordon, Atlanta, Georgia, 1918.

Living insignia of the 27th Division, New York’s Own, breakers of the Hindenberg Line. Formed of 10,000 officers and enlisted men, March 18, 1919.

22,500 officers and men, 600 machine guns at Machine Gun Training Center, Camp Hancock, Augusta, Ga, December 10, 1918.

209th Engineers, Camp Sheridan, 1919.

The Panther, formed by the faculty and students of the University of Pittsburgh, April 9, 1920.

Indoctrination Division, Air Training Command, Lackland Air Base, San Antonio, Texas, July 19, 1947.

Hawaiian Division, Schofield Barracks.

The official seal of the Eleventh Division, Lafayette.

Source: telegraph

Seven Deadly Wine Glasses

Kacper Hamilton has designed a series of seven wine glasses inspired by the seven deadly sins.








Source: kacperhamilton

Cell Phone for Mercedes Fans

To own this cell phone being a fan of Mercedes is not enough, you’ve also got to lack taste completely! I can’t imagine myself speaking in this thing.

3D Graffiti Alphabet Bubble Made Of Carving Stone Unique

3D Graffiti Alphabet Bubble Made Of Carving Stone Unique

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What If Graffiti Alphabet Mural Tribal Green Light In All The Country Legally?

What If Graffiti Alphabet Mural Tribal Green Light In All The Country Legally?

In areas such as Siliwangi, precisely in the country legal graffiti alphabet mural. because the regulation was to provide local jobs for artists graffiti alphabet to create works of art through the media wall in the road Siliwangi. If the young people passing through certain roads Siliwangi stunned because the beauty graffiti alphabet mural green light. If we see the graffiti is like in the jungle. I breathe the cool air. Please pay a visit to the country Indonesia famous for the many cultures that are still very natural.

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Create A 3D Graffiti Alphabet Bubble Blue Color In A Public Area In The Police Catch

Create A 3D Graffiti Alphabet Bubble Blue Color In A Public Area In The Police Catch

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The 3D Graffiti Alphabet Blockbusters-Style Black And Yellow Like The Road Crossing

The 3D Graffiti Alphabet Blockbusters-Style Black And Yellow Like The Road Crossing

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The 3D Tribal Graffiti Alphabet Characters Blue Light

The 3D Tribal Graffiti Alphabet Characters Blue Light

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The 3D Digital Graffiti Style Alphabet Draw Graffiti Electical With The Tribal Full Color

The 3D Digital Graffiti Style Alphabet Draw Graffiti Electical With The Tribal Full Color

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

CONFIRMED: Depp Will Star in Burton's Dark Shadows

After months of speculation, it was reported in several places earlier today, most notably Yahoo! Movies, that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are officially moving ahead with Dark Shadows as their next project. Burton will direct and Depp will star, as the duo has done seven times before in the past.

Apparently it was Depp who initiated the project, as the original 1960s/70s vampire TV soap opera has always been a bit of an obsession for him, and he had long desired to play lead vamp Barnabas Collins. For the longest time, it had basically been a foregone conclusion that the dynamic duo of surreal cinema would be moving on to Dark Shadows after wrapping up Alice in Wonderland, but now it's apparently for-real for-real. Although I think Burton has his feature-length Frankenweenie remake happening somewhere in there, as well--and Depp will be donning the mascara once again for a fourth Pirates go-round before then, too.

Not sure what took so long for the news to be officially disseminated, as sources are claiming that Depp himself announced it last week during a showing of Alice in Wonderland footage at the San Diego Comic Con. Nevertheless, these "official confirmations" have not been coming out till today. Hopefully this isn't some kind of elaborate jumping-of-the-gun. A Burton-Depp Dark Shadows has "WIN" written all over it...

* * * * * * * * * *

While I'm still up, I'd like to make mention of a new sidebar feature I've added, the Zombie Haiku of the Day. I'm taking them from Ryan Mecum's excellent Zombie Haiku collection--with the author's blessing, of course. In fact, Ryan was good enough not only to give me permission to do this, but also had some kind words to say about the Vault as well, which you'll find in the "Shameless Self-Promotion" section. Thanks, Ryan!

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