Thursday, January 31, 2008

Swedish Vampires and the King of the Zombies

I've got a couple of great trailers to share with you shameless horror hounds today, both of which can be found on the excellent movie trailer blog, Gnolad.
First off is Let Me In (a.k.a. Låt den Rätte Komma In), a Swedish (yes, Swedish) film about a little boy who befriends a little girl who turns out to be a little vampire. Of course, there'll be no chance of this getting a U.S. theatrical release, but it comes out in Sweden in April, so get your plane tickets now! I guess the best we can hope for is DVD. First [REC], then Descendents, now this. Is it just me, or does it seem lately that with all the shlock being passed off as horror movies in the American market these days, filmmakers in other countries are taking advantage and co-opting the genre? Hey, fine with me--whatever leads to quality output.

And the other trailer is for a documentary by the superbly named Rusty Nails (any relation to Dusty Rhodes?), all about our favorite ghoul auteur, Mr. George A. Romero. The film is Dead On: The Cinema of George A. Romero (I probably would've gone with "Director of the Dead"), and is currently in the final stages of production, with no release date set. Nails includes comments from the likes of Quentin Tarantino (who, as an unknown, used to claim on his resume that he was the sidecar biker in Dawn of the Dead), Ed Harris, Robert Rodriguez, Stephen King, Rob Zombie, Danny Boyle, John Carpenter, John Waters, Roger Ebert (who hopefully will explain why he bemoaned NOTLD for ruining America's youth in 1968, then lauded praise upon DOTD ten years later), Dario Argento, John Landis, Tom Savini, Glenn Danzig, plus cast members from many of Romero's films. Looking forward to this one.

* * * * * * * * * *

Speaking of Romero, just wanted to give kudos to that loveable pussbag Bub for winning the "Favorite Zombie" poll. I should've known there really was no other choice, although Tarman made a respectable showing. Check back tomorrow for a new poll.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wolf Man Update: Cloverfield Director to Step In?

Looks like Universal was watching the box office results of two weekends ago, when Cloverfield cleaned house after a successful marketing blitz that took up most of 2007. According to Ain't It Cool News, Matt Reeves--who helmed the giant monster flick--is currently one of two directors the studio is eyeing to take the place of Mark Romanek, who split the Wolf Man project two days ago over creative differences.
Reeves is also attached to the now-confirmed Cloverfield sequel already in the pre-production stages, so he may not be available to take over the remake, which will star Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins and Emily Blunt.
The other director being considered is one Breck Eisner, who had previously been attached to Universal's Creature from the Black Lagoon remake.
As for those "creative differences," Ain't It Cool is reporting that Romanek may have been hoping for a greater budget than the $85 million he had been given.

**1/31 UPDATE ** AICN is now reporting that Brett Ratner has been assigned the gig. Now I know he ain't too popular with most fanboys due to his Schumacher-ing of the X-Men franchise, but I'll not lose hope yet. Ratner did direct Red Dragon, which I feel is one of the most wrongfully overlooked thrillers of the decade.

Daim Sprays Virtual Graffiti

"Walls, trains or house fronts - graffiti need to be sprayed on solid, "real" backgrounds. Doesn't it? An answer to this is provided by the "Tagged in Motion" project, which builds a bridge between real graffiti art and its virtual depiction. The centre of attention is the graffiti artist DAIM, who co-created the nextwall. Equipped with the appropriate technology, DAIM sprays graffiti into empty space. In a large hall, three cameras using Motion Capturing record DAIM's position and the movements he executes with a virtual spray can. The assimilated data is shown to him in real time in a pair of video glasses - as free-floating 3D graffiti in space. In this way he can decide how and where to apply his strokes, and via a Bluetooth controller can also determine the colours, strength of brushstrokes and textures of his work."

Although this is just in its infancy, further development of this should see some seriously innovative ways of getting-up virtually.

Stolen from Wooster Collective.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Confirmed: New Nightmare Flick Will Be a Remake!

In Variety's second major horror news break of the day, it has been confirmed that the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie announced a few weeks ago will not be a sequel or a prequel, but will, in fact, be a remake of the 1984 Wes Craven original.
New Line Cinema has assigned the task to Platinum Dunes, the company that produced the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Amityville Horror remakes, and is also in charge of the new Friday the 13th "re-imagining". Oh yeah, and Platinum Dunes is also working on the Near Dark remake for Rogue Pictures, as well as the Birds remake for Universal. So anyone who's pissed about the rash of horror remakes--you now know who to rail against.
No word on whether Robert Englund will be reprising the role of Freddy Krueger, but with the project now being a remake, smart money says the role will be going to someone else this time around.

Wolf Man Director Walks Out!

Variety just dropped two major bombs today, so let's get right into it.
Firstly, it was announced that Mark Romanek has dropped out as director of Universal's Wolf Man remake. Reportedly, Romanek left the project last night due to "creative differences," leaving Universal to pick up the pieces.
Universal is claiming that the project is in good shape, and that a new director will be found right away. They're also saying that a new writer will be brought in to retool the script as soon as the writers' strike is resolved.
Just when it looked like the most promising horror movie of 2009 was back on track, this happens. We can only speculate as to what constituted the creative differences, or whether the announced February 18 start date still stands.

Freak Show at the Cheese Factory Squat

Last Thursday, I went down to the famous Cheese Factory in Hackney, to witness their Freak Show event with my mrs. Luckily for us, we met the heavily-tattooed Roc, the main attraction of the night, in Barcelona last year so we were given front row seats. The Cheese Factory is a collection of squatted flats which have had extensions built onto them to create a subterranenan maze of shacks and rooms that join onto a small factory space. It's this space which is used to hold events like fashion shows and art exhibitions in a typically "bohemian" style. The venue even had a permanent bar, a coffee shop feel and a stage area. It was such good fun to have a good drink and smoke and watch some seriously weird acts. It's times like this where I do really love living in London...

Myriam the Bearded Lady took care of being the Master of Ceremony

Roc and his lovely volunteer prepare to swallow some fire

Roc prepares to lift two full paint cans which weighed approx. 15 pounds each!

This is him in full swing mode...stretching the lobed region of his ears to the max! (and yes, he has full-sized chilli peppers tattooed for side-burns.)

Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden is based on part 2 of the manga series. Shippuden is a continuation of the Naruto saga and the storyline starts 2 1/2 years after series 9. Naruto has returned to the village after having left to train with Jiraiya. On his return he realizes that unlike his friends who have progressed to higher ranks. He is still a genin and Naruto finds this a little hard to take.
Shippuden has been segmented into 2 major arcs; in the first team Kakashi and team Guy have to save the sand village's Hokage (Gaara). We get to see how everyone has progressed and their new powers. After the two teams return to the leaf village, team Kakashi get a lead on how to find Orochimaru's hide out (arc 2). But they have to replace Kakashi (as he is still recovering) and Sasuka. So there are 2 new members added to team Kakashi the new captain to stand in for Kakashi while he recovers Yamato and Sai. Sai is really weird and does not know how to act in society and therefore says everything that is on his mind. And when he first meets Naruto he says some colourful things to make Naruto hate him. Sai does the same thing to Sakura and both Naruto and Sakura end up thinking he's an asshole but agree to work with him in order to save Sasuka.
(This is the second opening with the new team members.)

There are some really kick ass fight scenes in both arcs and this series just keeps getting better and better. I watched the first 43 episodes in 2 days and now I am forced to wait until Friday each week to watch the new episodes. I have fallen for this anime in a big way and I would recommend this to anyone. If you watched the original series and did not like it then give Shippuden a try I am sure you will like it. The grate thing about this series is you really don't need to watch the first 9 series to start watching this one (although I would recommend that you do). Also you need to watch past the end credits as there are some funny bits at the very end.

So I have been digging around to try and find out how far they are going to take this series. If you look on Google you will only see 46 episodes but I have found out there is going to be 55 episodes with the last on airing on 04/10/2008. We can only hope that they will continue with more after that. There are also 2 movies that are connected with Shippuden the first came out in 2007 and will be released on DVD in April this year so you can look for that on the net in April. The second movie is due to be released in Japanese cinema in the summer. And in the opening credits of episodes 40-41 you get a little taster of what’s going to be in it(watch the fiest video I posted to see it).
This just proves my long standing point, if you want to watch good anime and not wait for it you need to learn Japanese. And this whole experience has made me dig out my old Japanese books and search the web for classes.

Monday, January 28, 2008

For a Change, Something for Texas Chainsaw Massacre Fans to Be Happy About

Seems there's a very intriguing project currently in the early stages, and you can count me on board from now. Vern at Ain't It Cool News has a fascinating interview up with Christopher Garetano, a young director who is pitching a script for a movie called South Texas Blues.
An ardent TCM fanatic, Garetano has written a screenplay all about the making of Tobe Hooper's original 1974 classic. Not a documentary, mind you, but a fictional movie based on the making of the film (think Shadow of the Vampire or Ed Wood). Further, he plans to include a lot of fantasy or magical realism moments as well (think The Big Lebowski or The Fisher King), making this a very unique concept indeed.
Part of what interests me is Garetano's casting ideas. For instance, he happens to be good friends with Ed Neal, who played the deranged hitchhiker in the original movie, and is considering casting him in the role of Jim Siedow, the actor who played his older brother in the original. And in a particularly inspired move, for the role of Neal he's hoping to cast Ray McKinnon, who played the preacher on the first season of HBO's superb Deadwood. Anyone who's a fan of that show should understand how perfect McKinnon is for the part.
It's a pretty in-depth interview, so I'd suggest checking it out to get the full idea. Garetano seems like a bit of a flake at times, but then, most great thinkers are, so I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be quite a piece of work.
Here's a little featurette Garetano put together for potential investors in the film. I know if I was an obscenely rich producer, I'd certainly risk a couple mill on it:
Online Videos by

* * * * * * * * * *

Almost forgot, I find it necessary to acknowledge the box office triumph this week of Meet the Spartans. This is the strongest evidence I've gotten in years to support my long-held hypothesis that most people are stupid.

TOX- The most prolific graffiti bomber in London

Great Discovery Channel video (2004) from the Look-Rare Blog regarding London's most hardcore bomber- TOX. If you live in London and take the Tube, it's impossible not to see one of his tags somewhere along your journey. He may not have much aesthetic style, but props has to be given to him for getting up everywhere. Each year, he changes his tag slightly from TOX 06 in 2006 to TOX 07 in 2007 and so on. Hundreds of thousands of GBP of damages has been claimed against him, yet he still continues to this day.

Kozik 36" Real Evil

Continuing on the large-scale toy tip, legend Frank Kozik is just about to release a 36" RealXHead Real Evil figure that should scare the pants off most fans. The actual toy will be made of fibreglass and is rumored to be retailing at $500 USD. The colorway should be similar to the "Nightstalker" custom Frank did last year. (See below)Beautiful and evil!

This is an image of the toy's Philipino sculptor Rommel just for some scale.


DC Custom Kicks

Aaron Thomas

More customised shoe goodness by DC Shoes X Subtext entitled "Kicks" which opened at Subtext in San Diego. We've posted some here (after the jump) and you can see more in his flickr album. You can see more at WTFunk's Flickr Album.

Josh Taylor

Angry Woebots

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Conor Harrington Show

Went to the Lazarides Gallery to see Conor Harrington last Thursday do his first solo show of 2008. This guy is getting beter and better each year as he takes his blend of realism & classical paint-style and mixes it all up with very modern lines and graffiti-esque backgrounds. I reckon that Conor is one of the best young artists living in the UK at the moment and look out for another UKAdapta feature on him in the next couple months.

DJ Krush Interview

UKAdapta had the serious honour of meeting and interviewing the legendary DJ Krush, the day before his big show at KoKo, London. I first went to see his gig in 1998 and was blown away at the then relatively new technique of live-sampling and beat juggling. I have been a huge fan ever since and could really feel how Irieman was nervous as he had to do the interview.

However, Krush, being the gentleman that he is made us feel comfortable in the presence of a real hero and the interview finished without a hitch. I will inform you all once we have the interview done for the Feb update of our website.

The following day, we went to see his show at the beautiful venue that is KoKo in Camden, London. The show was incredible and we had a great birdseye view over the crowd and it was the perfect perch to soak up the atmosphere in the auditorium.

With other headline acts on the flyer like Herbaliser and DJ Vadim, I really felt a pang of nostalgia and at the same time a feeling of progression and accomplishment. Ten years ago, I was a mere bright-eyed, bushy-tailed student who wanted to seek out the underground music scene and ten years later, I am getting to interview some of my heroes!

Horror Goes to the Oscars

The Academy Award nominations were announced last week, and it was a thrill to see Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street get some of the recognition it deserves. Although the film did not get a Best Picture nom, Johnny Depp was singled out for his performance in the title role, a Best Art Direction nomination went to Dante Ferretti (a previous winner for The Aviator), and a Best Costume Design nomination went to long-time Tim Burton collaborator Colleen Atwood (a previous winner for Memoirs of a Geisha and Chicago).
Remarkably, Depp is only the fourth man in the history of the Oscars to snag a Best Actor nomination for performing in a horror movie. Perhaps not so remarkably, since horror films have been woefully under-represented as a rule. Out of curiosity, I did a little research, and came up with the following list of all the men and women who have ever been nominated for performing in a fright flick:
Best Actor
1991 - Anthony Hopkins (The Silence of the Lambs) *
1991 - Robert DeNiro (Cape Fear)
1931 - Fredric March (Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde) *
Best Actress
1991 - Jodie Foster (The Silence of the Lambs) *
1990 - Kathy Bates (Misery) *
1976 - Sissy Spacek (Carrie)
1973 - Ellen Burstyn (The Exorcist)
1956 - Nancy Kelly (The Bad Seed)
Best Supporting Actor
2000 - Willem Dafoe (Shadow of the Vampire)
1999 - Haley Joel Osment (The Sixth Sense)
1973 - Jason Miller (The Exorcist)
1962 - Victor Buono (Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?)

Best Supporting Actress
1999 - Toni Collette (The Sixth Sense)
1991 - Juliette Lewis (Cape Fear)
1976 - Piper Laurie (Carrie)
1973 - Linda Blair (The Exorcist)
1968 - Ruth Gordon (Rosemary's Baby) *
1960 - Janet Leigh (Psycho)
1956 - Eileen Heckart (The Bad Seed)
1945 - Angela Lansbury (The Picture of Dorian Gray)
* winner
* * * * * * * * * *

For those who may be interested, this happens to be The Vault of Horror's 100th post. I started up this site in mid-October and it has been growing ever since. These days, I get seven times the daily visitors I averaged that first month, and three times as many as I got just one month ago. Thanks to getting picked up by BlogBurst, The Vault of Horror has gotten more than 93,000 headline impressions in places like Reuters, USAToday and Fox News--just in the past week alone. Thanks to everyone who's been reading.
Onward and upward!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Diary of the Dead Theater Listings Announced

They're promising this is just a partial list with more to come, and I certainly hope so. I realize that George Romero's Diary of the Dead is only getting a limited theatrical release, but there's got to be at least one moviehouse out here in the wiles of Fairfield County, Connecticut that'll be showing it.
Yesterday, the film's official MySpace page released this set of domestic listings, so check below to see if the flick will be coming to a theater near you in three weeks:

AMC Empire 25
(212) 398-3939

City Cinemas Village East
(212) 529-6998

Landmark Nuart
(310) 281-8223

Mann Chinese (opening 2/22/08)
(323) 464-8111

Landmark Lumiere

(415) 267-4893

Landmark Shattuck
(510) 464-5980

Landmark Ritz - Bourse
(215) 440-1181

AMC Neshaminy

AMC Cherry Hill
(856) 486-7420

Landmark Starz Film Center
(303) 820-3456

AMC Boston Commons
(617) 423-5801

Landmark Kendall Square
(617) 621-1202

AMC Mesquite 30
(972) 724-8000

AMC Gulf Pointe 30
(281) 319-4AMC

Harkins Arizona Mills
(480) 820-0387

Paulson Plaza Theatre
(404) 873-1939

Regal Hollywood 24
(770) 936-8235

Regal Meridian
(206) 622-2434

AMC Alderwood 16
(425) 921-2985

Brand Dolphin Cinema 19
(305) 591-9380

Center Uptown Palladium
(248) 644-3456

AMC Palm Promenade
(858) 558-2AMC

Cinemark South Point 16
(702) 260-4061

Muvico Egyptian 24
(443) 755-8992

AMC Waterfront
(412) 462-6923

ACME Carolina Theatre

Check for more info.

* * * * * * * * * *

I'm proud to announce that beginning with this week, The Vault of Horror will be taking part in the weekly Horror Roundtable over at the aptly named and always insightful Horror Blog. Check it out here.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Pinhead No Match for the Writers Strike

Bad news today for all you Cenobite fans. Box Office Mojo is reporting that MGM's remake of Clive Barker's 1987 classic Hellraiser has been temporarily derailed. Originally slated to come out in September, the Weinsteins' produced flick has now been bumped to an undetermined 2009 release.
The delay in production would appear to be a result of the ongoing WGA strike, which has also reportedly stalled Eli Roth's next project, Trailer Trash.

* * * * * * * * * *

The issue with the Dawn of the Dead music tracks from yesterday's post has been resolved. Feel free to check them out!

Barry McGee Show

At the Baltic Centre from 21 January - 27 April 2008 is a show created by the legendary (and personal fave) Barry McGee. "They Don’t Make This Anymore" is his first solo show in the UK and deals with the ideas of property, surveillance and control, his uncontained practice incorporates damaged surfaces, flash movies and hundreds of ‘tape’ paintings to question the privatisation of public space. It is also interesting that he decided to exhibit in Gateshead (Newcastle) instead of the usual London-based shows. Wish I could see it in person......sigh.


All images copyright of SHAM69

Giant 18" Skuttle

I am a huge Touma fan and have a good collection of Knuckle Bears and Fang Wolves as well as having a penchant for turtles. (Jeremyfish's skull turtle camper is still the best) But now there is a serious contender. Touma has teamed up with Play Imaginative to create an 18" version of his Skuttle design. Holy shit I want! However, like Toysrevil mentioned, this particular colorway is not very inspiring and luckily this is just a prototype. Let's hope they dont mess up all that beautiful plastic with these minty colors. YUK!

Abandoned Britain

Abandoned Britain is a great website for those who are interested in abandonment and lost architecture in the UK. The pictures on the site are really beautiful and inspired me to want to break in and either paint the walls or take some photos myself. Well worth visiting...

Royal Sea Bathing Hospital built in 1791

Radar Domes RAF Stenigot built in 1942

Graylingwell Mental Hospital bulit in 1897

Brunswick Wharf Power Station bulit in 1950

See hundreds more images HERE.

Thanks to Tai for the heads-up!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Want Some More Dawn of the Dead Music?

Early last month, I posted half of the tracks from the hard-to-find Dawn of the Dead soundtrack CD put out by Trunk Records in 2004. Well, it's taken me a little while to get around to it, but here are the remaining six rare tracks of incidental music from the DeWolfe Library (not the Goblin tunes). Click on them to take a listen, or right-click to save them for yourself. Enjoy:

  1. Cosmogony
  2. Desert de Glace
  3. Dramaturgy
  4. Figment
  5. Sun High
  6. Mall Montage

Get the rest of the tracks here.