Friday, December 31, 2010

Architecture Photography by Nicholas Alan Cope

Extraordinary work by US photographer Nicholas Alan Cope. All his pieces reflect his high taste for details and geometry. Simply beautiful.

After graduating in Los Angeles from the Art Center College of Design. Nicholas has worked for a number of commercial and editorial clients, while also working on personal projects. His most recent work focuses on abstraction and perception of the viewer.

Photography by Kyle Scully

Kyle Scully is a Vancouver based photographer. His work examines the peripheral corners of everyday rountine. He finds inspiration in the mundane through highlighting an unusual punchline or a passing moment of grace.

Black and White Photography by Patrick Zephyr

Patrick Zephyr grew up in Fall River, MA, where he spent endless childhood hours catching frogs, turtles, salamanders, and snakes, and exploring other hidden natural treasures.

In 1992, he moved to the western part of the state to pursue his bachelor’s degree in exercise science at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Following graduation, he participated in an intensive three month canoeing expedition in the remote region of the Northwest Territories of Canada. Patrick purchased his first camera (a 35mm Nikon n90s) to document this adventure, and has been taking photos ever since. During Patrick’s many outdoor explorations, his love for the natural world grew. In 1998, Patrick decided to turn his passions for the natural world and photography into a full-time profession as a nature photographer. His camera has since followed him to such places as the Bugaboos in British Columbia, the rainforests and mountainous regions of the west coast, the everglades and countless National Parks. However, his favorite photographic subjects are what he discovers each morning as he explores his own backyard. Most of the images in Patrick's online gallery were captured within 30 miles of his home.

Fashion Photography by Stephen Eastwood

Stephen Eastwood, NY based Fashion and Beauty Photographer, digital retoucher, currently a Canon Explorer of Light and PrintMaster.