Sunday, February 20, 2011


I sure am glad I pulled out the TOM AND JERRY DVDs a few weeks ago. What a treasure trove of great art. MGM at its best was incredibly good. If Disney was the gold standard, perhaps MGM was sterling silver! Really wonderful art.

Here is the first installment of some great background art from THE CAT AND THE MERMOUSE.

This first recreated pan B/G features three cel overlays on the left. The blanket (Tom is under there), the beach umbrella and left-most bottle.

I love the vintage tanning lotion bottles!

The next few are beautifully murky underwater backgrounds:

Believe it or not, this is only part of an incredible pan B/G... Tom and Jerry swim through a chase scene from right to left. I stopped just as Tom closes in on Jerry. I left Jerry in (as the titular mermouse) at the far left. Once again, for your viewing pleasure, I have broken this incredible long B/G into sections (Left, middle and right) so you can better admire the details.