Sunday, February 20, 2011


I recently received a note from Diana Rodriguez, of HAMPA STUDIOS in Valencia, Spain.

The company has an 11 year history, but only 3 as an animation studio.

“Margaret” is their very first short film. It is a story about leaving our daily routine and being brave enough to chase dreams.

The story is inspired by an original poem call “Margarita” written by Ruben Dario, a Nicaraguan writer of IXX century and a highly regarded exponent of the modernist movement.

Hampa Studio chose this poem because is "a travel thru the reality and a magic world, where a really young princess leaves her perfect world just to follow her dream: go up to sky and cut the most perfect and beautiful star she has ever seen."

Their animation team is comprised of 4 animators, 1 background designer, 1 3D technician, director Alex Cervantes, and adnd Diana Rodriguez herself who is in charge of the production department. You can “meet” the artists on their blog which contains a lot of information about the production process:

They also have a website (

They have come up with a new and original way to finance their film. Since the story is about following a star, they started a “STAR SALE” where everyone its free to make a donation thru PayPal in exchange for one star of Margaret’s sky.

I love everything about this story. It is through the passion of artists like this that animation remains a great art form.

I've not seen their animation, but the background art is lovely and remarkable.

Here's wishing HAMPA STUDIO and its artists great success!

Today, a first - background art released to "ANIMATION BACKGROUNDS" directly from a studio, from a film in progress.

Thank you Diana!