Sunday, February 20, 2011

HIAWATHA'S RABBIT HUNT(Warner Bros., 1941)

HIAWATHA'S RABBIT HUNT is an early Bugs Bunny cartoon. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Warner Brothers' animation division. The Disney influence was pervasive. All the studios were forced to step up their game. These are certainly among the most lavish artwork pieces I've ever seen from the infamous "Termite Terrace."

First up - a most unusual pan, which starts at the top of the waterfall, pans down and then to the left.

a stair-step waterfall...

a tranquil lakeside landscape...

And now (drum roll please...) THE LONGEST PAN B/G I'VE EVER RECONSTRUCTED!!!

Following is a series of its segments, left to right. This B/G was so big I had to divide it into six pieces to see the details!

Here's a close-up of the "rabbit stew" pot:

Now, a completely different B/G, also including the pot...

Details close-up left:

Details close-up center:

Details close-up right:

Another wonderful pan B/G:

Details close-up left:

Details close-up right:

And finally, a few choice remaining background pieces: