Sunday, February 20, 2011

HYDE AND HARE (Warner Bros., 1955)

Watch the cartoon:

Now, the great backgrounds by Irv Wyner. Lots of 1950s modern style here. Fantastic!

Hmmm, a rabbit hole!

Very jazzy color styling in the next two B/Gs:

This is a digitally recreated vertical pan:

Terrific use of perspective:

Dr. Jekyll's lab:

I love a piano! Victorian goes modern, what a great stylization:

This music manuscript was painted note by note. Incredible! While not entirely accurate in comparison with the original composition, it's still remarkable.

The lab. Aren't those colorful potions intriguing?

A Liberace shot, complete with candelabra!

The music room (digitally re-created pan B/G):

A very modern B/G with floor lamp cel overlay:

Store room, door open:

Same room, door closed:

Three laboratory images:

Two final B/Gs from the ending, in the park: