Sunday, February 20, 2011


After months of on again/off again retouching and fussing, I am finally ready to share this background with you from the 1959 Disney TV Christmas special "From All Of Us, To All Of You."

The source was a marginally acceptable second generation video transfer. It was the best I could find. And with Mickey staying at the piano, playing, I had to digitally rebuild most of the image in very small sections, catching places where his hands and feet moved away. The less than ideal source material also required a significant amount of retouching, artful use of blurs, etc.

But, I think I've finally arrived at a very nice version of the background. Hope you think so too.

For some unknown reason, the upper edges in this smaller version show some grayish distortion. Please click on the image and take a look at the larger version, in which these anomalies disappear.

Very classy, classic Disney B/G artwork.

Just grand!