Sunday, February 20, 2011

THE LION KING part two

Here is a sampling of background art from Disney's THE LION KING. The artists did a wonderful job expressing mood with color, as well as capturing the majesty of the African landscapes.

The rain effects are of course embedded in this moody masterpiece:

The proverbial lion's den looks a bit foreboding...

I managed to digitally eliminate Simba but Zazu refused to budge!

This re-created pan was time consuming but well worth the effort. It's quite unlike any other B/G art I've ever seen. I love the dried texture of the rust-colored red dirt, against the olive and gold hues of the sparse African foliage.

What a magnificent gorge. And that sky!

Next some towering rock formations:

Sunset... incredibly lovely!

This breathtaking landscape is a digitally reassembled pan background. Gorgeous!