Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Other Blogs and Websites

Hello readers!

While I post almost every day on ANIMATION BACKGROUNDS, I have several other presences on the web, and I wanted to personally invite you to visit them and take a look.

NAME THIS TOON is my blog on which I post unidentified production cels from my collection. I am curious and diligent researching the history of each piece. Feature film artwork is generally pretty easy, even obscure characters. But Disney short subjects and TV animation is much more difficult. I'd really, truly appreciate your input via comments on this blog.

I have just started a FITNESS blog. I went through an amazing transformation this year, losing 4 inches in my waist and actually getting six-pack abs again at 51! I am writing on all aspects of fitness, nutrition and well-being. It's for all ages and all levels of fitness. If you want to look better, feel better, and live healthier, please stop by.

And finally, there's my (personal) entertainment career website:

There's a whole section on animation, which contains images of several pieces from my collection:

There's a huge section on Disney's El Capitan Theatre, its architecture and special events. It's been my home-away-from-home, with over four thousand performances since 1999!

Plus there's my performing schedule, a gallery of photographs (another of my artistic passions), MIDI files of music I've arranged, the story of my amazing "world's largest digital theatre organ" which I designed and commissioned, and much more. There's something for everyone here.

The web opened up infinite possibilities for communication. It's great sharing information this way. I hope you'll visit all my sites as your schedule permits.

The red carpet is waiting!