Sunday, February 20, 2011

THE SKELETON DANCE (1929) Pan Background

As we approach Halloween, I'll be posting some backgrounds from related "spooky" cartoons. I actually recreated this graveyard B/G from the classic Silly Symphony THE SKELETON DANCE some time ago. I've been saving it especially for now.

The process took what seemed an eternity. Imagine my chagrin, upon its completion, to realize the B/G was looped. THREE TIMES! (sigh...)

So, I have included here the pan B/G artwork, and also the entire length triple-looped version as seen on screen.

Just think... this was released in 1929, just eight short years before SNOW WHITE. Disney and his artists re-invented the animation art form several times in those eight years. Nonetheless, THE SKELETON DANCE has a primitive, clunky charm all its own.