Sunday, February 20, 2011


Disney went modern with a vengeance in "TOOT, WHISTLE, PLUNK and BOOM." Ward Kimball's hand is all over this one!

I hope one day thsi film gets a good restoration, and a high definition DVD release. In the meantime, these digitally recreated artworks are from the best source material currently available.

First up, the opening credits background art.

Now, the opening credits background art with credits (overlay).

more credits...

This is the background art for the title card...

Professor Owl's classroom:

The musical instruments:

Professor Owl's classroom with the instruments on his desk:

More incredibly stylish and stylized classroom B/G art:

A fifties moderne depiction of ancient Egypt!

I could have digitally erased Professor Owl, but this pose was irresistible!

The ultra stylized marquee:

The audience!

The doors to the concert hall:

Finally, the amazing theatre: