Sunday, February 6, 2011

Zombie Love Songs: You Are Tender

You Are Tender

You are tender,
You taste sweet,
I'll never let you go.
You have made my death complete,
And I'll eat you so.

You are tender,
You I bite,
All your screams stifled.
For my darling, I eat you
Until I get my fill.

You are tender
You taste strong,
I nibble on your heart.
For it's what I must consume,
And your other parts.

You are tender,
Death is near,
Let me eat your spine.
You'll be mine, so dry your tears,
Now it's undead time.

When at last your screams are through,
Darling don't be slow.
Zombie hordes will follow you
Everywhere you go.

(Taken from the pages of Michael P. Spradlin's Every Zombie Eats Somebody Sometime: A Book of Zombie Love Songs.)