Monday, January 7, 2008

New Nightmare on Elm Street Confirmed!

I've been out of the loop for the weekend thanks to a fried internet connection (damn you, Optimum Online!), but lo and behold, I jump on the web first thing this morning to discover this bombshell.
The very reliable Bloody-Disgusting claims to have gotten some info from an insider at New Line Cinema who indicates that the studio is "actively developing another Nightmare on Elm Street movie." The new installment will not be a sequel to the very-fun Freddy vs. Jason, nor will it be the long-rumored prequel. Just what will it be, exactly? A remake of the original? A continuation of the original series' continuity? Will Robert Englund even be involved? None of this is known yet. Apparently New Line is batting around a whole bunch of different concepts. Stay tuned, Freddyphiles.
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Also, just wanted to take a quick moment to thank Steve at the excellent Horrors of It All pre-code comics website for his kind words over the weekend. And thanks for the link--I only wish it was in regards to happier news than a lame Fly retread!