Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008: The Year in Horror, Part 2

Let's continue our look ahead at what the horror genre has in store for us in the new year, shall we? First, a few projects for the latter half of 2008 which already have release dates:

10/24: Saw V - Yep, you knew this was coming.

10/24: Igor - Hey, if ya don't think the kiddies can handle Saw, take them to this interesting animated flick.

12/25: Silent Night, Deadly Night - Was anyone clambering for this remake?

Plus we've also got:


Creature from the Black Lagoon - After two decades of development hell, the Gill Man finally re-emerges.
Creepshow - I'm assuming this will be an anthology featuring all-new stories.
The Fly - Yes, a remake of a remake. A new low.
Near Dark - Can you believe the original is actually a lost film? Apparently it only exists on video.
Spider Baby - Sixties cult classic gets an "update".
The Stepfather
Suspiria - And the winner for Sacrilege of the Year...

Ghostbusters 3 - Two years after Viggo, the boys in gray duke it out with more pesky poltergeists.

Saw - Hey kids, see who could torture more victims! I'm surprised it took this long...

Howl - Interesting werewolf comedy starring Eric Stoltz.
Repo! The Genetic Opera - This "horror musical" easily wins Bizarro Project of the Year.

And there you have it, people. If you know of anything major that I missed, feel free to mention it!